The top 3 companies share 90% of the market

Are you ready for the TOP-3?
Hey, I am Denis Ovcinikov.
My mission is innovative development of companies!
Marketing strategy
Brand positioning
Create bright brand

The top 3 companies share
90% of the market.

Are you ready for the TOP-3?
Hey, I am Denis Ovcinikov.
My mission is innovative development of companies!
Create unforgettable brand
Find unique positioning
Create Strategy
Why customers from all over the world choosing me?
My main activity is innovative business models transforming processes.
The goal is to create conditions for the evolutionary development of the company.
The experience of 200+ projects has taught me, how to create effective business models by purposefully interpreting the characteristics of demand and supply.
I have dedicated 15 years of business practice to researching how emotions, content, and brand design drive people's willingness to buy.
During experiences with individual and client projects, I learned to see business challenges as if from above and in a complex way - thus came the understanding of what specifically needs to be changed to achieve the best business result.
Today, the geography of our projects is the whole world: Russia, Europe, America, Asia - this provides an incredible opportunity to combine the experience of different markets in working on new projects.
Tasks, I receive from my clients
Make an audit.
Analyse the market.
Create a strategy.
To create a competitive brand.
To create a successful project.
To increase the value of the company.
Find the most appropriate marketing model.
Make the best use of marketing channels.
Increase sales and business scale.
Areas of activity
The goal is to build an international brand picture for your company and create an inbound marketing system for sales automation.
Audit and consulting
Analysis of vulnerabilities and search for solutions to complex problems.
Big branding
Branding & Business packaging. Search for new business emotions and metaphors.
Leads and sales systems B2C, B2B, HR
Inbound marketing, sales funnel, strategy, website, queries, CRM, analytics.
Business architecture
Transforming chaotic human actions into effective regulations and software.
Increasing business scalability and monetization
Increasing the speed and opportunities of business growth by automating processes and optimizing the business model.
Business development in foreign markets
Marketing, advertising, sales in the CIS or other countries.
Why is it important?
Everything is simple, now dozens of strategies, hundreds of advertising channels, thousands of tools are available for business development. Needless to mention, tens of thousands of options for planning, data collection and calculation.

Therefore, there is a need for a specialist who can impartially analyze the tools and rationally assemble the most profitable marketing combinations for your business model.
years of experience
niches, I've worked in
different markets
managed projects
Statistical calculation company
Roadside assistance after an accident
More products
Work principles
Orientation to the result
You can get a result instead of doubtful measures of market and design.
Attention to details
Very deep immersion into your business, it's processes, problems, philosophy.
Diversified competence
I understand the goals, tasks and features of your business.
What tools do
I use?
I convey the essence of a business offer, in a context that encourages the purchase of the customer.
I pack your business, develop or create new brand design, identity, website, design of the packaging and product, advertising.
I use digital intent marketing to get to step 1 before a customer and influence him/her to make a decision.
I create vivid, emotional ideas to increase the effectiveness of advertising.
I create a calculation-based strategy for all communication channels.
I explain the numbers and prepare clear reports for the advertising campaigns.
Who is responsible for your project?
There is a real boom in the market for marketing services and marketing training.

This has spawned many agencies that work like a conveyor belt and experts - theorists who offer individual services, but are not able to see the whole picture and have no idea how these services apply to your business.

As a result, you get a lot of available tools, a corporate identity, a beautiful website, you invest in advertising, but you can't reach the desired effect.

My competitive advantage lies precisely in the fact that I already successfully work according to the model that I offer to my clients. To learn how to do this better than others, I have spent over 14 years, processed a huge amount of materials on marketing, sales and business management.
Denis Ovcinikov
Projects, I've worked with
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If you have questions,
feel free to ask!
I will consult you and explain all the nuances.
Geographically, I'm located in Vilnius, but we work all over the world.
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